Community Amenities

The Pointe has large lot sizes Typically 5-10 Acres per Lot and so members have plenty of space to enjoy leisure time on their own property and hence do not need play areas that some communities with small lot sizes require. Some members have children play sets discretely positioned behind their home for their kids to enjoy. Almost all of the properties have a pond to visually enjoy as well.

For those that enjoy a stroll and would like to picnic away from their home, we have a picnic area tucked away to the left as you enter The Pointe. The picnic area is furnished with a wooden picnic table situated is open on all 4 sizes and has a roof structure to shade you from the sun in the afternoon, or the occasional sudden rain shower. There is a large pond situated just a few feet away, so you can relax and enjoy your lunch while gazing at the pond and watch the fish darting around or a crane looking for his lunch!

The Pointe Picnic Area AmenityThe Pointe Community Picnic Area

Horse Trails

NO ATV or Motorized Vehicles
For equestrians, The Pointe offers some interesting horse trails which link to neighboring Panther Ridge Communities. As you ride the trails, you will see the most amazing old oak trees with almost gravity defying horizontal tree limbs. Sometimes, you may catch a glimpse of spectacular wildlife and if lucky even one of Florida's most elusive animals, the majestic Florida Panther. As always, it is strongly advised that members do not ride the trails alone, it is more social, fun and safer to ride in a group. The Pointe has several existing horse riding members who will be happy to meet with new members wanting to explore our interesting trails.

The image below was kindly created by the Foxwood HOA for the Panther Ridge Communities and shows the Trails Map and how they interconnect between the various communities. It also clearly re-iterates the rule that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails. Obviously, trails can change and this map is just for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon when making decisions such as purchasing property or renting property.

Horse Trails Panther Ridge The Pointe Trail Map pdf